Ouarzazate Day Trip from Marrakech to Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou


Per 1 - 4 persons

     Also called Gateway to the Sahara Ouarzazate Day Trip from Marrakech allows you to discover this Moroccan city located in the South West of Morocco and 200km from Marrakech. She makes the direction of several excursions that make the departure from several Moroccan cities and especially of Marrakech because the lovers of the city are multiple from one year to another.

Currently popular with tourists, Ouarzazate has managed to identify with its seductive climate that is much sought by tourists who want to get rid of the cold spread throughout Europe. Thus the position that occupies the city on the world cinema scene pushes tourists to visit film locations to meet their favorite stars.

Excursion Ouarzazate gives you the opportunity to discover along the roads that lead to the city wonderful landscapes that mark the southern Sahara of Morocco remains one of the most beautiful in Africa and the world.

Ouarzazate Day Trip from Marrakech

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